UK public reaches its peak of tech confidence aged 15

DTG member Ofcom's annual Communications Market Report was released today—jam packed with facts and stats about the UK TV market and other communications services.

The research finds that most people hit their peak confidence and understanding of technology when they are 15; this then drops gradually up until their late 50s and then falls rapidly from 60+.

Other highlights include:

> The average viewer (2013) watched 3 hours 52 minutes of TV per day, down by 9 minutes from 2012

> 97% of houses take digital television

> 12% of TV households have a smart TV, with 82% of these reporting it as being connected to the internet (2014) compared to 77% in 2013 and 65% in 2012

> 82% of adults watch TV live each day, rising to 94% watching live each week

> Live TV viewing peaks at 9pm when 80% of adults are watching it

> 42% of respondents reported of all media activities they would "miss TV the most", followed by 22% who would miss their smartphones and a further 15% who would miss going online

For the full report, click the link on the right had side.

DTG Staff  |  07.08.2014

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