DTG releases an update for D-Book 7.4 related test suites

This week DTG Testing has released updates to the SI, DTR and Linear Services test suites in order to test D-Book 7 v4 functionality. Similar to the process of last year's releases, these updates are released under “beta” status. This means they are being released early to licensees of the test suites for visibility of the changes, but the DTG Test lab will not test with these releases until 1st October 2014 (sunrise date after D-Book 7 v4 publication). Being a beta release, we would also like to make customers aware that the test suite is offered “as is”; there may be issues discovered, but these will be fixed before the test suites are used for DTGTL testing.

The beta release update to the MHEG test suite will be announced when available.

The test suites are available as an free update to existing licensees. For new customers, pricing information is available from support@dtg.org.uk.

DTG Staff  |  08.08.2014

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