The north needs to retain its tech graduates

According to a new report from think tank, Policy Exchange, while there is growth of technology companies across the UK, these are focused disproportionately in the South. This means that towns and cities in the north are failing to benefit from the rise of digital entrepreneurship.

The report found that technology jobs were mostly concentrated in London, Cambridge and the rest of the South East and a report by KPMG and Markit last year noted that 21 out of 33 local authorities in London had a higher proportion of technology jobs than the national average.

“Our number-one finding is that tech clusters utterly depend on having a skilled workforce in their areas,” said Eddie Copeland, head of the technology policy unit at Policy Exchange. “In the north, you've got some of the UK’s leading universities producing phenomenal skills. We’d like to see more effort in retaining that talent in those areas for the benefit of the north.”

DTG Staff  |  14.08.2014

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