Sky enhance the TV Guide with brand new features

From today, DTG members, Sky will be rolling out a new host of features to their TV guide which will be seen by customers in the services EPG.

At the top of these features is a brand new recommendations engine. This new feature provides suggestions based on what the user has in the recent recordings and downloads section of their sky+ planner. Sky states that "if example a customer has a recording of The Following in their planner, recommendations might include Luther, Hannibal, Criminal Minds and The Blacklist." Recommendations are seen in both linear TV and on-demand shows viewing options from Sky's whole range of film and TV content.

The new Smart Series Link will address an issue many Sky users are used to; the series link dropping out when a current series has finished. The new series link feature will remember to record the next available series and all subsequent series after that.

The complete list of features being introduced from today:

• Suggestions: customers will find shows that they might enjoy, based on recordings or downloads in their Planner.

• Smart Series Link: customers will never miss the returning series with Smart Series Link, as it is now updated to remember to record all the future new series

• DVD Cover Art: instantly-recognisable DVD cover art will be seen in the Sky Movies and Sky Store sections

• Sports: a new tile for the homepage will be introduced showing all live sports on any TV channel at that moment in time and all the sports channels from the TV Guide

• Combined SD and HD options: easily choose between HD & SD when downloading TV shows or movies from any on demand section.

• HDMI One Touch: the Sky button on the remote now turns on the latest Sky+HD box and a compatible TV in one go from standby. It tunes the TV to the correct HDMI input if they’ve been using another device so there’s no need to pick up the other remote control.

• Sky Store: customers can now access Sky Store from Sky Box Office.

• Simplified Card Pairing: customers will now be able to easily pair their viewing card without calling Sky; it just takes one press of a button on the Sky remote.

• Entertainment shows: the Lifestyle tab has been merged into the Entertainment tab in the TV Guide

• Homepage images: will be updated on a regular basis to showcase the latest and best movies and TV shows.

DTG Staff  |  21.08.2014

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