Rumours of a Microsoft rival to Chromecast

With evidence from the company's latest FCC filings and certification granted by the WiFi Alliance, are we about to see Microsoft take on Google with their own rival to the Chromecast?

The company have unveiled details of a device called the HD-10 which includes WiFi, HDMI and USB connectivity. Twin with this a document on the WiFi Alliance website which identifies a certificate for a media adapter described as a Miracast dongle, a device which is certified to operate in the 2.4GHz band.

Miracast is the wireless screen-cast standard supported by the WiFi Alliance, which is supported by Google. This standard allows for wireless 'mirroring' of content from a handheld device such as a smartphone to a connected TV and is currently used by Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1.

This certificate which was reported by the Nokia Power User website certainly suggests that Microsoft may be planning a dongle that can mirror phones, tablets and PCs on a TV, much in the same way that the Chromecast already does. What Google dongle does also do is enable users to consume media independently of the device they are mirroring.

We're certainly looking forward to where this leads and would love to see a Microsoft dongle on the market.

DTG Staff  |  28.08.2014

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