20% European homes to pay for VoD subscriptions

According to figures from Digital TV Research, the European Online TV & Video report predicts that the number of European homes paying for a monthly subscription to a VoD package will climb from the 1.78 million households in 2010 (0.6%) to 17.99 million by the end of this year (6.4%) and 59.41 million by 2020, bringing to the total up to 20.7% of homes.

In line with this, online television and SVoD recenues will soar from $116 million in 2010 to $1.633 billion in 2014 and $5.502 billion in 2020. Within this, the UK will consistently remain the market leader with Germany close behind by 2020.

European online TV and video revenues (over fixed broadband networks) will reach $12.872 billion in 2020; up from only $923 million in 2010 and the $4.804 billion expected in 2014.

Online TV and video rental/pay-per-view revenues will still expand rapidly, climbing from $55 million in 2010 to $858 million in 2020. Download-to-own revenues are forecast to be $1.395 billion in 2020, up from $89 million in 2010.

To read the full report, head over to the Digital TV Research website to download the European Online TV & Video Forecasts.

DTG Staff  |  28.08.2014

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