Viacom positioned to finalise C5 deal

Owners of MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, Viacom are now having content-sharing talks with Channel 5 ahead of the US media giant's acquisition of the channel.

The acquisition was started in May of this year and will be complete by 20 September according to reports. Channel 5 will be bought by Viacom for an estimated £450m after the company has agreed to honour the channel's commitment to 600 hour of original British children's programming each year which was a condition of the broadcaster's licence renewal last year.

A source within the Department for Culture Media and Sport suggested that Viacom had raised 'one or to issues' surrounding the production of this content, all of which have been ironed out.

A part of the goal for Viacom is a content-sharing culture between brands and talks have already opened between C5's commissioning team and the other channels owned by the media operator. Steve Regan, MTV UK vice-president of production said he has met with Ben Frow, director of production for C5, to discuss "potential cross-over slots."

Ii is said that comedy will be a major focus over the next 12 months and Frow said he will work closely with the Comedy Central team. He said “Comedy is something that we can get our teeth into with the new Viacom relationship. That will be very promising over the next year or year-and-a-half. C5 should be evolving and trying new things."

Viacom’s completion of the C5 deal is set to coincide with the closure of Discovery Communications and Liberty Global’s £550m acquisition of super-indie All3Media, which is also expected to be finalised next month.

DTG Staff  |  01.09.2014

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