'Traditional Linear TV will disappear'—Reed Hasting, CEO, Netflix

Predicting the future of television, CEO of IP OTT subscription service Netflix, Reed Hastings has said that traditional and linear television services will eventually disappear.

Speaking to French magazine Telerama ahead of the service's launch in France, Hastings said: "Linear TV will continue at little thanks to sporting events but within twenty years it will have collapsed when all this will be fully available on the web."

The French market is currently reorganising itself to ensure a limitation on the impact that the availability of Netflix will have on the market while Hastings considers the launch of the service to start off as a complementary offer to existing platforms. Canal+ in France have an existing relationship with Netflix as they buy original series' like House of Cards and Hastings has predicted that the Pay-TV group will also turn into a web media.

It isn't only an IP based service that is being brought to the country, Hastings says that Netflix will "create jobs in France." This will come through content production including a political series set in Marseilles which is already in negotiation with a French producer.

According to Hastings, the French media rule which prevents a movie being available via SVoD until 36 months after its theatrical release “is not a problem because we above all stream series which are not submitted to this rule”.

Besides its OTT service, Netflix is still talking with French operators Orange, SFR and Free to get a distribution via STBs.

DTG Staff  |  01.09.2014

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