DTG and YouGov reveal how we consume content

Thursday 4th September, Russell Square, London, The DTG and YouGov held a breakfast briefing attended by DTG members and YouGov invited attendees to reveal how we, as a nation, consume content.

The topics covered included linear television, online video on demand, mobile networking streaming and downloads amongst other entertainment sources. The goal of the session was to answer:

-How are consumers changing the way they are accessing content?

-Are consumers willing to pay for content and what does this mean to content creators?

-How will consumers consume content in the future in light of technological advances?

The presentation was opened by Simon Gauntlett, CTO, DTG and Anne-Marie Doherty, Client Development Manager—Technology, Telecoms and Media at YouGov, and was presented by Shaun Austin, Director Media and Russell Feldman, Director of Technology, both from YouGov.

Key findings:

-Penetration of tablets at the end of this year could increase up to 60-65%, the tablet is one of the ideal ways of accessing personal content

-Linear TV is still the dominant form of video content

-Netflix is the dominant online video subscription provider

-TV and connected devices will become more converged, with devices like Chromecast leading the way

For an extensive look at the session details, use the link to the right hand side.

DTG Staff  |  04.09.2014

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