Netflix to add short-form content to drive mobile usage.

Most people don't spend 90 minutes watching whole movies on their phones, which is why Netflix may soon serve up two minute clips of the best scenes.

In an event held at Netflix's headquarters on Thursday, Dantley Davis, design manager for the service revealed that they may add a series of two-to-five minute clips lifted from currently available content for their increasing number of mobile viewers.

In a trial period, the service has added another row of content titled "Have five minutes?" to the mobile home-screen. The results of this test will decide on whether the row is made permanent in an app relaunch in the coming months, although Davis said the tests have so far shown "very positive results."

While most Netflix content is still being watched on TV screens, mobile audiences have shown the biggest growth. Davis said: "As screen sizes are becoming bigger, watching content on phones becomes more natural," although the services' research found that 87% of all mobile sessions last less than ten minutes even though Netflix hosts no content of that length.

This is certainly a point of interest for the DTG's Mobile Video Alliance who are currently looking at the delivery of video content to mobile devices.

DTG Staff  |  08.09.2014

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