Streaming video is almost level with traditional TV

The latest edition of the annual Ericsson ConsumerLab TV & Media Report found that video streaming is almost level with traditional TV viewing. 75% of consumers watch stream content several times a week compared to 77% who watch broadcast television programming.

This report, now in it's fifth year, interviewed over 23,000 people in 23 countries, found that almost one in five viewers (19%) are prepared to pay for the ability to access their favoured content on any device, a 25% increase in the past two years.

Smartphone viewing and tablet viewing times are on the rise as expected, and traditional boradcast services are just a platform for consumers to cherry pick their favourite pieces on content to watch later using their PVR. The trend of 'binge-watching' is heightened by online content and PVR functionality, instead of users having to wait a week for the programme to show the next episode.

Niklas Heman Ronnblom, Senior Advosir at Ericsson ConsumerLab said: "There are different ways to binge watch: some viewers do not discover a TV series until mid-season, so they will watch many episodes one after the other to catch up before the season is over. Others prefer to watch an entire season at their own pace, which means they have to wait until the entire season is available.” He said that 56% of those who pay a TV on Demand subscription would rather have all episodes of a series available at once for their own viewing pace.

“The results of the study are clear – media companies need to rethink how they create and release content, while the focus for TV service providers is on delivering the highest possible quality for viewers, no matter what device they are watching on,” advised Heyman Rönnblom. “The landscape is changing rapidly, and business and delivery models will have to keep up with that pace of change if they are to continue to deliver perceived value to consumers.”

DTG Staff  |  08.09.2014

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