Roku sales reach 10 million

Roku has sold 10 million of its streaming devices since launch, a two million increase from their estimated eight million in January of this year. This compares to the 20 million Apple have sold of their Apple TV.

There has been a significant boom in the market for 'over-the-top' boxes—by definition a device that connects your television to mirror streamed content from the internet. Roku are joined by Apple TV, the hugely popular Google Chromecast and Amazon's new Fire TV. Netflix have amplified audiences' interest in consuming television content on the internet and Sony are looking to create a fully IP delivered television service.

Since the last update from Roku, they have introduced a Streaming Stick, a chromecast-esque dongle and have indicated that their products are used more than rivals'. Roku noted an study conducted on its that behalf by researcher NPD that found Roku accounted for 37 million hours of video streamed per week, versus Apple TV's 15 million, Chromecast's 12 million, and Amazon Fire TV's at 6 million hours.

The company also said Roku players average 48 hours of streamed content a month. That compares to less than 20 hours spent on Facebook, based on Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg's disclosure in July that people in the US spend about 40 minutes a day with the social network.

DTG Staff  |  17.09.2014

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