Virgin Media study shows 43% of British TV viewers watch time-shifted telly

The latest study and statistics from Virgin Media have revealed technology is transforming the way the nation watches television.

According to a cross-platform study and data from over 2.3 million TiVo STBs, a fifth of all British TV is now watched in a time-shifted format—either recorded onto an internal hard drive or watched on demand—and 43% of people mostly watched TV in this manner, with 20% tuning in to live TV only for must-see moments and only 30% predominantly watching live TV.

Recorded TV series and one-off shows are typically watched within 14 days of the original broadcast, with movies kept longer and enjoyed on weekends.

34% are also using second screens while watching TV, 78% of whom are typically checking and updating social media while they do so. Virgin Media customers are also influenced by recommendation on social media, setting series links when shows trend online.

Scott Kewley, Director of Digital Entertainment at Virgin Media, said: “The way we watch TV is changing dramatically. Since we launched Virgin Media TiVo, people have embraced having more control over how and what they watch than ever before. Our customers love discovering shows, entire Box Sets and searching the immense range of films we offer.”

DTG Staff  |  13.10.2014

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