TiVo research reveals more than half of TV viewers dislike #hashtags on TV

The Second Annual TiVo Multitasking and Social TV Survey has revealed that 63 percent of respondents have noticed Twitter hashtags during television shows, but of this group, 53 percent disliked them, with only 12 percent reporting liking them.

A similar trend occurs with onscreen polls; 37 percent have noticed them, and within this group, 20 percent liked and 45 percent disliked the polls.

TiVo Research and Analytics, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of TiVo Inc., issued the findings in their survey, which otherwise revealed a dramatic increase in multitasking during TV viewing. Top TV-time activities include browsing the Internet (74 percent), reading or sending email (73 percent) and text messaging (71 percent).

Read more of the findings on the link in the sidebar.

DTG Staff  |  20.10.2014

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