DTG congratulates BBC high definition pioneer Andy Quested on his SMPTE Fellowship

Andrew Quested, co-chair of the Digital TV Group (DTG) UHD Forum, has been inducted as a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

The SMPTE is the worldwide leader in motion-imaging standards and education for the communications, media, entertainment, and technology industries, and Andy is one of just eight people to receive a fellowship in 2014.

Now the BBC’s Head of Technology for HD and UHD, He began his engineering career at the BBC in 1978, and since 2005 has led the BBC’s move to high definition technology, becoming co-chair of the DTG’s UK UHD Forum in 2013.

Simon Gauntlett, CTO of the DTG, said: “The DTG would like to congratulate Andy on this well-deserved honour for his TV technology leadership.

“It is a mark of the esteem in which Andy is held by his colleagues worldwide that he continues to be invited to lead TV technology development groups at the DTG, EBU, SMPTE and the IBU.”

Andy’s became a video editor working across the BBC’s output, from The Human Body to Keeping Up Appearances, and introduced nonlinear editing, as well as stereo and widescreen production, and end-to-end tapeless production.

In 2001 he moved to the BBC Technology Group, and since 2005, Andy has led the BBC’s move to high definition technology leading pioneering HD projects such as Planet Earth and supervising experiments in both 3D and Ultra HD.

Andy currently chairs the Strategic Programme on Quality Control for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), authors the BBC technical standards for international exchange, and is part of the U.K.’s Digital Production Partnership (DPP), which is responsible for the AS-11 DPP Compliance and Certification Programme.

He has chaired International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Rapporteur Groups for 3D, extended image dynamic range for the Ultra High Definition standard, IP contribution, and quality control, and as a manager of the SMPTE UK Section, he focuses on career development and education of new graduates and the UK’s new apprenticeship schemes.

DTG Staff  |  31.10.2014

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