zLense camera add-on brings real space and time to 3D video

A new 3D camera enhancement from zLense adds real-time depth-mapping and tracking to video footage.

The compact, standalone camera-mounted device captures depth mapping data in sync with the 2D footage and adds a 3D layer to the data stream.

Bruno Gyorgy, president of zLense, said: “We’re poised to shake up the virtual studio world by putting affordable high-quality realtime CGI into the hands of broadcasters.

“This unique world-leading technology changes the face of TV broadcasting as we know it, giving producers and programme directors access to CGI tools and techniques that transform the audience viewing experience.”

By capturing the entire environment, the space information can be used with live compositing for 3D effects in state-of-the-art live TV or pre-recorded transmissions without a special studio setup.

ZLense said directors can combine dolly, jib arm and handheld shots as presenters move within, interact with and control the virtual environment and, in the near future, do so using only motions.

DTG Staff  |  31.10.2014

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