Britons want smart homes but we don’t want to pay for them

Smart entertainment, energy, heating and appliances have captured the imagination of British consumers but not their spending power.

A GfK survey found that 76% of adults want smart home technology but only 35% are willing to pay for the upgrades.

The most desirable feature is a smart energy meter at 84%, but only 24% of us are willing to pay for them. Around two-thirds of people (67%) want their TV to become an information hub for the home, but that drops to just 38% when there’s a pricetag attached.

Anne Giulianotti, UK technology research director at GfK, said: “There’s no question people find the concept of a smart home appealing, from controlling appliances, utilities and entertainment systems to managing bills, to more personal benefits like home health monitoring.

“The challenge is that the appeal is far the highest with younger people, the majority of whom don’t own their own homes, so won’t see the return from investing in converting a rental property. To attract the slightly more resistant, more mature home owning group will require clearer communications of the benefits tailored to this audience.”

The wired-up home was most attractive to 18-24 year olds, but they’re also least likely to pay, since only one in three actually own a property where they could fit smart devices.

The home-owning 35-44 age bracket are also keen on smart home tech, but their interest drops by half when they’re asked to pay for devices. GfK surveyed 1,000 people online for the survey in August 2014.

DTG Staff  |  10.11.2014

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