Amazon launches 4K Ultra HD on-demand

4K Ultra HD is now available to Amazon Prime members with a range of popular TV shows and films.

Amazon Ultra HD will be available on compatible Ultra HD smart TV models. Sony, LG and Samsung are currently leading 4K development and will make Amazon Ultra HD available through the Amazon Instant Video app on smart TVs.

Michael Paull, vice president of Amazon Digital Video, said: “We want to deliver the best entertainment experience, and offering Ultra HD movies and TV shows raises the bar on quality and innovation that customers have come to expect from Amazon.

“We’re also excited that Ultra HD is the latest benefit of the Amazon Prime membership, giving members instant access to great movies and TV shows in a premium picture resolution at no additional cost.”

Amazon users without a Prime account will be able to purchase Ultra HD television shows and movies individually. Amazon will also showcase 4K Ultra HD free to all its customers through a special music performance—Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek LIVE!

On top of a range of blockbuster films and hit TV shows, Amazon Studios—Amazon’s division that produces original movies and television series—will make all their productions available in 4K Ultra HD upon launch in early next year.

Ultra HD is a premium resolution that showcases video resolution four times that of standard full HD. 4K picture quality has 8.3 million pixels and displays a wider colour spectrum, heightened sense of depth and accurate shading.

DTG Staff  |  18.12.2014

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