LG to unveil new smart TV OS at CES 2015

LG plans to unveil its new smart TV platform WebOS 2.0 at CES 2015, which will build on the key features found on current generation smart TVs.

LG’s previous smart TV operating system WebOS was designed to provide a simple and intuitive user interface, distinct from what LG believed was an ‘overly complex’ smart TV marketplace. WebOS 2.0 follows on from this, with developments that LG says will create an even simpler and more seamless user experience.

“With the newest features introduced in WebOS 2.0, the overall user experience has become even simpler, easier and more intuitive,” said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV and monitor division at LG.

“The WebOS platform is a great example of our commitment to taking a leadership role in the next generation TV market with a truly innovative Smart TV solution.”

Some of the improvements for WebOS 2.0 include a reduction in boot time, faster performance when navigating the user interface and a My Channels feature that will allow users to customize their favourite live TV channels on the launcher bar.

With WebOS smart TV sales reaching more than 5 million units within the first eight months, LG is confident of similar success upon the release of WebOS 2.0 next year.

LG is also working with key content providers such as Amazon and Netflix to ensure users will have plenty of on-demand films and TV shows available to view in 4K Ultra HD.

DTG Staff  |  19.12.2014

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