DTG UK UHD Forum welcomes formation of US UHD Alliance

The British entertainment industry’s body for developing best practice in Ultra HD has congratulated the the US entertainment and technology industry on the formation of the UHD Alliance.

The UK UHD Forum has brought together broadcasters, TV platforms, TV manufacturers and other stakeholders since 2013 as part of the DTG.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG, said: “The DTG’s UK UHD Forum has brought together stakeholders in the Ultra HD ecosystem since 2013. We welcome the formation of the UHD Alliance and we look forward to engaging with them to mutually develop standards for best practice in the 4K arena alongside some of the world’s greatest technology and entertainment companies.”

The UK UHD Forum is currently involved in a series of 4K Plugfests to determine the performance and interoperability of 4K TVs and home cinema equipment with 4K set-top boxes under development for UK services.

A report on the 4K UK Plugfest Series will be published at the DTG Summit on May 12, 2014, with full details available to DTG members.

About the UK UHD Forum

The UK UHD Forum was formed in August 2013 to bring together all of the interested and influential parties to define a conformance specification for 4K and higher definitions, also considering high dynamic range, wider colour gamut and immersive 3D audio. It is co-chaired by Chris Johns, chief engineer for broadcast strategy at Sky and Andy Quested, head of technology for HD and UHDTV at the BBC.

DTG Staff  |  06.01.2015

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