Microsoft reveals HoloLens: the interactive holographic glasses

Microsoft has announced holographic augmented-reality glasses – called HoloLens – to be released alongside Windows 10.

This standalone wireless helmet projects holographic illusions in the wearer's field of view. Unlike the Oculus Rift and other virtual reality devices, the HoloLens creates an augmented reality, allowing users to interact with virtual objects that appear in their actual surroundings.

Satya Nadella, the chief executive of Microsoft, said that the HoloLens represented a ‘magical moment’ of ’category creation’ that developers lived for.

Pier Harding-Rolls, a gaming analyst at IHS, said: "It is clear that this new immersive form of augmented reality could make a powerful and compelling gaming platform as well as an efficient collaborative tool for commercial deployments.

"However, we do not believe that a consumer offer for HoloLens is likely to be launched in the very near term and, considering the proprietary technology involved, we believe the price point when released will make this a niche consumer proposition in the early cycle."

Other experts have commented that the commercial impact of HoloLens will depend on developer investment in creative innovative apps during the coming months and years.

Microsoft’s announcement represents a major development in wearable tech that has taken the spotlight from Google glasses, which has moved in fits and starts since the release of its prototype last year.

HoloLens will compete with other start-ups promising augmented reality. Magic Leap, which has had heavy investment from Google, claims to be developing similar augmented reality technology.

DTG Staff  |  22.01.2015

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