Several Pay TV broadcasters to launch UHD in 2015

A report published by media consultancy firm FairmileWest has determined that six global Pay TV broadcasters will launch UHD by the end of 2015.

The report, written by specialist consultant Nick Russell, collated a range of industry views on the deployment of UHD services at IBC 2014. It showed that OTT and VOD operators are leading the way in the launch of UHD services, unconstrained by the issues that face producing and broadcasting live UHD content.

Netflix and Amazon, among others, have announced a range of TV shows and movies to be released in 4K UHD this year.

Although OTT and VOD operators have the advantage, several Pay TV broadcast operators, according to Russell, will launch UHD services in the second half of 2015.

Nick Russell said: “The evidence then is that generally, despite the challenges and risks of launching prior to phase 2, many Tier 1 broadcasters are now being forced to prepare for launch of limited UHD commercial services in the 2015-2016 timeframe in order to have an answer to OTT and be in time for the 2016 Olympics.”

The report underlined that despite the launch of a few Pay TV and OTT/VOD operators in 2015, mass deployment of UHD would not be as forthcoming. Russell consulted a number of industry players at IBC 2014 for mass deployment forecasts and these ranged from 2016 to 2020, with an average of 2018. Other studies such as IHS research have pushed the date as far as 2023.

The report concluded that while 2015 will see a definite emergence of UHD services, its proliferation in the consumer market would occur over several years.

DTG Staff  |  26.01.2015

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