BBC launches platform for experimental interactive content

The BBC is launching a new platform – BBC Taster—to explore new entertainment and technology and drive experimental content through audience participation.

Taster has been set up to streamline the production of innovative ideas for BBC TV, Radio and Online, and better serve audiences by gaining valuable feedback and responding to changing media habits.

There will be a mix of content developed specifically to explore the potential of new formats and digital technologies across a range of genres. Some current highlights include an interactive interview and hip-hop performance, and a continuous video player that learns your preferences and serves up relevant content.

Danny Cohen, director of BBC TV, said: “We’ve always pushed the boundaries with our creative programming and innovative digital services. These two worlds are coming together and opening up new possibilities for telling stories.

“BBC Taster will help ensure we stay at the forefront and better serve audiences now and in the future. It’s an exciting opportunity for our world-class production teams to take more creative risks online, try their ideas out and put them in the hands of audiences.”

BBC Taster will pay close attention to changing media habits in the development of its content. Research findings, such as 61 per cent of UK adults own a Smartphone and the is the most important device for accessing the internet, will be feed closely into how content is produced.

Check out the latest experimental content at

DTG Staff  |  27.01.2015

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