MVA founders EE to test live LTE Broadcast at Wembley this summer

Mobile Video Alliance founders and leading network provider EE plans to launch its next major trial of LTE Broadcast at Wembley stadium this summer.

The purpose of this trial is to explore and stretch the potential of LTE Broadcast to develop a groundbreaking experience for mobile video consumers, and will feature 4K video for the first time.

Matt Stagg, principal strategist at EE, said: “We want to push the broadcast industry. We don’t see this technology as one which can just be used to do the same only more efficiently. We see LTE Broadcast as being able to improve on broadcast by making it a superb experience that people will see and will have to have.”

The Mobile Video Alliance was created to drive such innovation, and has worked since its inception in May 2014 with EE and other industry players to identify, develop and advocate technologies that harmonise the delivery of audio visual content to mobile devices.

Founded by EE and global interconnection and data centre company Equinix, the MVA operates under the auspices of the DTG, the UK industry association for digital television.

EE will make use of this collaborative working group in the coming months to harmonise standardisation issues before the next trial of LTE Broadcast.

Features of the trial broadcast are set to include multiple relays, multiple camera angles and real-time statistics.

LTE Broadcast uses evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multimedia Services (eMBMS) to stream live and on-demand data more efficiently over a LTE/4G network than current one-to-one methods. EE believes sports delivered over eMBMS will be big driver for 4K mobile video.

DTG Staff  |  03.02.2015

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