Sony opens pre-orders for “developer edition” SmartEyeglass augmented reality specs

Sony has launched pre-orders for its augmented reality SmartEyeglass in the UK and Germany, despite competitor Google returning Google Glass to the drawing board.

The SmartEyeglass to be released will be a ’developer edition’ accompanied by the launch of software development kit to encourage developers to start working on apps.

The SmartEyeglass “developer edition”, known as SED-E1, will cost £620 when it goes on sale in March. The commercial version for non-developers won’t go on sale until 2016 at the earliest.

Sony’s device works differently to Google’s: instead of a tiny display built into the frame of the glasses, it displays information across the augmented reality lens that it claims does not obscure the wearer’s vision.

Sony also emphasized SmartEyeglass use in the professional arena: “Its most salient characteristic is the superimposed display of information on top of a view of the real world, which enables the user to obtain desired information without having to turn his attention away from what he is doing or looking at.

“This has considerable implications for AR (augmented reality), which holds great potential in the domain of professional use, such as when giving instructions to workers at a manufacturing site or when transmitting visual information to security officers about a potential breach.”

SmartEyeglass isn’t Sony’s only product in the smart eyewear category. The company talked about its plans for an ‘attachable single-lens display module’ designed to clip on to various non-smart glasses, with plans to start mass-producing them within a year.

Companies including Microsoft are also releasing prototype augmented reality glasses that are being directed towards developers to create compelling content and apps.

DTG Staff  |  19.02.2015

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