Sohonet cloud service supports FITT recommendation

Global data management company Sohonet is offering IBM Cloud’s SoftLayer infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform to serve the colossal digital needs of the UK creative industries, supporting recommendations given by the Future of Innovation in Television Technology (FITT) Taskforce in 2014.

This platform will service film and media companies of Central London specializing in post production, visual effects (VFX) and animation, through a scalable cloud service that moves huge digital media files through the production and post-production pipeline.

The FITT Taskforce report, published in 2014 by the DTG, outlined the need for a scalable cloud service to meet the current and future demands of the UK creative community:

“The IT industry needs to address the specialist needs of the production and post-production industries... The biggest computing challenge for the production and post-production community is handling the huge peaks and troughs of demand for computationally intensive rendering.

“If the UK is to remain at the forefront of content creation it needs to provide the resources, which are capable of easy expansion, to embrace the ever increasing data and network requirements.”

With IBM Cloud, Sohonet will be able to meet the demands of the UK creative industries, allowing companies to scale their service based on the huge peaks and troughs of their work flow.

Benjamin Shrive, enterprise sales manager at SoftLayer, said: “Just as more and more businesses take advantage of cloud services, studios and production houses are equally taking advantage of scaling computing resources on demand, avoiding extra capital expenditure for resources they may only need for a few weeks.”

Sohonet has a wide customer base including British film studios, global media companies, and film and television productions.

DTG Staff  |  04.03.2015

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