Cinematic VR pioneers Jaunt to speak at DTG Virtual Reality Emerging Tech Forum

Jaunt, a US company leading development in cinematic VR, will be presenting at the DTG Emerging Tech Forum on Virtual Reality at our offices in Central London, April 20th.

Jaunt will join broadcaster BBC, manufacturer Vuzix and content creator Immersive Album for a day exploring the opportunities and challenges facing virtual reality technology.

Until now, virtual reality has been seen largely as a gaming medium. With the emerging tech forum, the DTG will put the spotlight on film and TV—bringing together industry experts to discuss the future of VR in this medium and how it can evolve into a mainstream entertainment technology.

Jaunt has been developing one of the most comprehensive toolsets for creating cinematic VR. Their technology aims to enable creatives to film, edit and process live-action content for virtual reality viewers.

Peter Gotcher, chairman of Dolby, has said: “Jaunt is a total sensory experience unlike anything I've ever seen. The creative community is going to blow our minds with this technology over the coming years.”

Existing cinematic VR content from Jaunt includes The Mission, a WWII short that transports you into raging battle on the Eastern Front, and Black Mass, a horror short that finds you captive in a nightmare setting.

The DTG Emerging Tech Forum on Virtual Reality will be a whole day event, consisting of presentations, product demonstrations and technical discussion.

This will be industry-only, without press or public, to encourage free and open discussion on all aspects of this emerging technology.

If you would like to know more or to be invited to this event, please contact communications executive, Nihal Tharoor,

DTG Staff  |  16.03.2015

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