On-demand only for Sky 3D and new EU watchdog for internet giants in the DTG daily news round-up

Sky 3D goes on-demand only

Sky will retire its 3D broadcast channel in favour of an exclusive on-demand service in June.

Luke Bradley-Jones, brand director for TV products, said Sky will continue to offer 3D movie premieres like Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men Days of Future Past and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes through the connected TV service.

EU mulls super-regulator for Google and Facebook

The European Union may create a super-regulator to oversee internet giants like Google and Facebook as they become overwhelmingly important to the economy.

The Guardian says the plan from EU digital commissioner Gunther Oettinger would also cover European firms like booking.com, to prevent them exercising undue power over their market sectors.

2016 looking good for 4k says Broadcom

Chipset manufacturer Broadcom is already experiencing "strong growth drivers" for its Ultra HD and HEVC systems.

CEO Scott McGregor told analysts that early decisions to develop for the new technologies have enabled it to win business for next-generation products, Advanced Television reports.

DTG Staff  |  24.04.2015

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