MHEG Transition Group to publish whitepaper

The DTG MHEG Transition Group will publish a white paper before the end of the year on their findings.

The Cross-Industry Task Group on MHEG Transition, created by the DTG, brings together industry experts to consider the challenges of introducing HbbTV 2.0 based interactive services to the UK terrestrial network and to identify the requirements that must be met for a potential future removal of MHEG services.

The white paper will describe the areas to consider and proposes a set of milestones and criteria for transition. This includes:

- Setting the scene for transition

- Identifying Use Cases, both current and future, for Interactive Services

- Migration Strategies

- Testing, Certification and Trade Mark requirements

- Regulatory Issues

- Managing the receiver legacy

The Task Group is chaired by Graham Mills on behalf of the DTG Council.

For more information, please get in contact with head of technical development Ian Medland,

DTG Staff  |  29.05.2015

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