DTG Daily News: Red Bee Media rebrands and EE test instant replay technology

Red Bee Media rebrands as Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services

Global broadcast and media services provider Red Bee Media – now owned by Ericsson – has rebranded as Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services (EBMS). Social network postings from the company suggest there will be “the same great TV/media news/comment/insight,” with a new name and look.

Red Bee Media was formed from BBC Broadcast Limited, a unit created by the BBC in 2002 by placing a range of BBC channel creation and channel management services under one roof. On July 1st 2013, Ericsson announced it would acquire Red Bee Media, with the transaction completing in May 2014.

EE and BBC test instant replay to phone technology at FA Cup final

Mobile operator EE and the BBC tested mobile apps at the FA Cup final using 4G Broadcast technology which offers instant replays to watching fans. The technology will offer multiple live camera angles of the FA Cup final alongside replays of any goals or incidents within one minute of them happening on the pitch.

Users will be able to select which cameras to view the action from and for the first time instant replay feeds will be stored on the device in the background, so fans can easily access key moments of the match during the game. The use of 4G Broadcast helps solve the problem of limited bandwidth which hinders streaming when demand in one area, such as a stadium, is too heavy.

DTG Staff  |  01.06.2015

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