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New 8K YouTube video crashes computers

YouTube have launched their first 8K film, entitled ‘Ghost Towns’, allowing users to watch videos in such high resolution that it has reportedly crashed some computers. The video should be able to run on Safari or Chrome but because of the processing power used, computers nearly always crash when watching it. Users without 4K monitors will also be unable to see all of the pixels.

Ofcom questions BT broadband prices

Ofcom is proposing cutting BT’s charges for leasing its telecoms, which could result in dramatic price cuts for those who buy them. The UK regulator said that the savings could be passed on to consumers and expects to publish its decision in the first quarter of next year, with any price cuts coming into effect in April 2016.

Kids’ TV takes centre-stage in pay-TV battle.

Amazon and Netflix have both ramped up their aquired kids material on their on-demand services, while Sky showcased a six-fold increase in its own on-demand children’s library. This comes at a time when on-demand viewing of children’s programmes has soared and reflects how the genre has joined the traditional pay-TV battlegrounds of sport, movies and entertainment.

The Guardian to create new innovation team to deliver mobile news

The Knight Foundation has awarded the Guardian a grant of £1.7m. This money will be used by Guardian US to set up an editorial and production team that will explore new ways for readers to consume news on mobile devices.

DTG Staff  |  15.06.2015

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