BBC funding over-75s TV, 8K from Wimbledon and Channel 5 on-demand upgrade: DTG daily news July 7th, 2015

BBC lumped with over-75s' free TV but gets to charge for iPlayer

The BBC will have to fund free TV Licences for the over-75s from 2018 but will be able to demand iPlayer users have a TV Licence for catch-up viewing.

In a deal ahead of the BBC's charter renewal negotiations, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, John Whittingdale MP, will also allow the licence fee to rise in line with inflation.

8K UHD test run for Japan's NHK at Wimbledon 2015

Japanese public broadcaster NHK is test driving a range of 'Super Hi-Vision' Ultra HD cameras at Wimbledon 2015 this week.

The tennis experiment will combine native Ikegami 8K cameras—16 times more detailed than HD—and 4K cameras from Sony and FOR-A with new upscaling technology to see how the technologies combine.

Channel 5 may launch subscription on-demand services

Viacom is investigating a range of upgrades to its on-demand services for Channel 5, beginning with user registration on the way to subscriber content.

Linear channels such as MTV could also be enhanced with 'side-loading' to allow viewing on other devices, and 'start-over' for instant replay from the start.

DTG Staff  |  07.07.2015

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