BBC News online threat, Netgem preps Netflix, VR head spa, and Ultra HD shopping: DTG daily news July 9th 2015

First BBC3 goes online-only, next BBC News?

BBC News could follow BBC3 to become an online-only channel as the BBC seeks further cuts.

The Guardian reports that an internal BBC paper has proposed onlining the £62.2m rolling news channel and sharing resources with the international BBC World News channel.

Netgem TV box upgrade prepares EE for Netflix

Netgem has upgraded its internet TV box to support the arrival of Netflix on services in Mexico and Finland, laying the ground for a potential arrival on EE TV in the UK.

The streaming TV and film provider is launching on fibre broadband provider Totalplay in Mexico City and other Mexican cities, and on Finnish broadband operator Elisa TV.

Quasar helmet puts your head in a spa

A London design agency has created sculpted Oculus Rift helmets with motion-tracking armbands which let users access a range of calming VR experiences.

The Quasar project from Field comes in three flavours: a male helmet which lets you swim through the sun; a female helmet in which you swoosh through space; and an androgynous helmet for playing with abstract, exploding shapes.

SES launches world's first Ultra HD shopping channel

Europe will see the world's first 4k shopping channel when goes live across Europe in September via satellite and broadband.

Launching to coincide with the IFA consumer tech show from September 4th, the HEVC-encoded channel will be available from the Astra satellites at 19.2 degrees East and online.

DTG Staff  |  09.07.2015

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