More BT v Sky trouble for Ofcom, smart ads target high pollen areas, kids prefer tablets to TV, and more: DTG daily news July 10th 2015

BT kicks off new round in Ofcom-draining war with Sky

BT has asked Ofcom to expand its communications review to include pay-TV with accusations that Sky's has unfair control over the market.

The move comes a week after Sky asked Ofcom to investigate BT's role in the broadband market and the quality of service delivered by its subsidiary Openreach.

Smart Sky ads to pop up when the pollen's high

Allergy relief brand Piriteze will use Sky's AdSmart campaign targeting system to show commercials in response to high pollen levels around the country.

AdSmart pre-loads ads onto the Sky+ box and replaces some national campaigns on Sky channels with targeted local or demographic campaigns, but this is the first time it's been triggered by local environmental information.

TV becomes a kids' punishment as tablets take over

Parents are threatening to take away tablet privileges and make children watch linear TV if they misbehave, say researchers.

The Miner & Co data shows that accessible, instant entertainment devices like the iPad have become the first screen for under-13s, who view TV as an inferior shared second screen.

UK lead in flexible Euro telecoms satellite development

UK companies will take a prime role developing an ultra-flexible next generation telecoms satellite prototype for the European Space Agency.

Quantum will be built by Airbus in Portsmouth and in Guildford for Paris-based satellite operator Eutelsat, and will have phased-array flat antennas which can electronically adjust to cover different areas from orbit.

DTG Staff  |  10.07.2015

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