Samsung pitches 11k screens, BBC seeks TV Licence volunteers, and £10m for smart city tech demo: DTG daily news July 14th 2015

Samsung working on 11k screen for Ultra 3D

Samsung is working on an 11k screen with more than twice the number of pixels of an 8k Ultra HD screen, in a consortium co-funded by the South Korean government.

While the 2D benefits of the 11,520 x 6,840 pixel display would be invisible to the human eye, Samsung claims it will enable 3D effects at Ultra HD resolution, and is potentially useful for VR experiences.

BBC asks over-75s to pay for TV Licences

The BBC may ask over-75s to volunteer to pay for their free TV Licence if they can afford the £145.50 fee.

James Heath, director of policy at the BBC, said voluntary payments would help mitigate the £745m cost of providing free TV Licences the BBC has been ordered to take on from 2018.

£10m fund for smart cities projects

The UK government is offering up to £10m for a collaborative research and development project to demonstrate the capability of the Internet of Things in a city region.

The winning project is expected to combine many aspects of the IoT challenge while delivering social and economic benefits, from smart sensing to managing the RF spectrum and security.

DTG Staff  |  14.07.2015

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