Retailers: protect your customers, only range TV products from DTG licensed suppliers

  • Retail TV product buyers can obtain a whitelist of DTG-licensed suppliers
  • Improve customer satisfaction with products which are fit for purpose and reliable
  • Minimise product returns and customer support costs

UK consumer electronics retailers can look after their customers by stocking products from DTG-licensed suppliers using the latest specifications and test suites.

The DTG – the non-profit body set up in 1995 to look after the UK digital TV market – is contacting the UK’s leading retailers with a list of licensed suppliers of TVs and set-top boxes.

Using products from these suppliers will improve customer satisfaction, reduce product returns and the cost of customer support, and improve supply chain relationships.

DTG chief executive officer Richard Lindsay-Davies said: “It’s astounding that retailers would even think of buying from suppliers who don’t take care to put the right licences in place to ensure they have the latest specification and can test their products before going to market.

“There are many good suppliers within the DTG’s TV ecosystem who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to deliver products that are fit for purpose and reliable.

“To avoid high levels of market returns and product support costs – not to mention loss of customer confidence—it is critical to ensure that all televisions, set top boxes and recorders sold in the market are designed and tested to the latest requirements.”

The latest specification for digital terrestrial TV in the UK, known as the D-Book 8, was published on April 1st 2015, and crucially covers the forthcoming launch of Freeview Play connected TV devices.

The best way for CE manufacturers to access the D-Book is via membership of the DTG, which supports manufacturers in ensuring that products are fit-for-purpose, future-proof and ready to meet the demands of service providers.

In addition, the DTG’s not-for-profit testing subsidiary, DTG Testing Limited, provides specialist industry-approved test suites and UKAS-accredited product testing services to help manufacturers and brands ensure that their products meet the UK broadcast requirements before they are launched on the market.

This is more important than ever in today's fast-changing competitive media environment. To meet these challenges, DTG test suites and testing services are updated bi-annually to meet changes in Freeview and regulatory requirements.

Manufacturers who are neither DTG members nor test suite licensees have no access to the latest interoperability specifications or test suites and their products may not be able to provide all the services made available by broadcasters.

DTG Staff  |  20.07.2015

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