Ofcom thinks spectrum, Brighton tries DIY DAB and Amazon poaches BT TV head: DTG daily news July 31st 2015

Ofcom proposes new spectrum sharing framework

Ofcom has launched a proposal on new ways to identify opportunities for spectrum sharing and encourage more efficient use of spectrum without interfering with existing users.

The proposed framework seeks to identify barriers to sharing, find tools and enablers that could have potential to facilitate or enable further sharing, and determine a set of high level ‘characteristics of use’ that should help to give a high level picture of what an incumbent or new user needs from spectrum access.

UK's first DIY DAB goes live

An Ofcom senior engineer has launched the UK's first trial of low-cost, low-power DAB for local broadcasters, using Rasberry Pi computers in place of traditional expensive broadcast kit.

The Small Scale DAB multiplex in Brighton will carry six services for nine months, using an open source software stack, and could pave the way for an alternative to the current multiplexes provided by broadcasting giant Arqiva.

Amazon hires BT man for Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video has taken on BT director of TV, Alex Green, to become the European boss of its Instant Video service included with Amazon Prime.

Green is expected to work on improving BT TV's content, distribution and functionality, with the new show from BBC's former Top Gear team expected to have a high priority.

DTG Staff  |  31.07.2015

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