EETV boosts broadband, Magine TV in UK beta, Xbox One DVR and Ultra HD Blu-ray: DTG daily news, August 6th 2015

TV box giveaway boosts EE broadband

EE has credited its EETV box giveaway for an ultrafast boost in its home broadband subscriber base to more than 900,000 in the second quarter of 2015.

The mobile network has not released the number of active EETV boxes, but saw fixed broadband subscribers jump 35,000 from April to June to hit 919,000—a rise of 144,000 over the year.

Magine TV launches UK beta

Personalised TV service Magine TV has launched a beta trial in the UK with licensed content from ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

The service helps users to curate their favourite content from different sources across several devices, creating a unique TV line-up and programme guide.

BBC Worldwide creates ethical collaboration

BBC Worldwide has chosen to break the cycle of demanding suppliers meet ethical standards but fail to do so with a collaborative approach to deliver long term improvements.

Ethical policy manager Kevin O'Neill said the approach combines building trust to develop long-term improvements with rigorous auditing and creating industry-wide standards of good practice.

Xbox One to get DTT networked DVR

Microsoft will release a digital terrestrial TV DVR add-on for the Xbox One in early 2016 with the capability to stream across home networks and side-load to mobile devices.

Operating through the Xbox OneGuide, the DVR will stream to Windows 10 devices or Xbox Smartglass on iOS and Android, and download to Windows 10 phones, PCs or tablets for offline viewing.

Ultra HD Blu-ray countdown begins

Content providers and hardware manufacturers will be able to license the Ultra HD Blu-ray format from August 24th, pitching films and hardware at the Christmas 2015 market.

The new format specifies 4k (3840x2160) resolution, high dynamic range, expanded colour range and 60Hz frame rates with object-based audio, as well as enabling digital consumption across multiple devices.

DTG Staff  |  06.08.2015

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