Call to protect BBC innovation, 16TB storage unveiled, and Apple TV service delay: DTG daily news August 18th 2015

BBC Trust: protect R&D for innovation

BBC Trust chair Rona Fairhead has warned that "the BBC must have the technical and research capacity, if not to invent new technologies, at least to adapt and exploit them."

In an extract from 'The BBC Today: Future Uncertain', Fairhead said: "While audiences largely want the BBC to remain true to its past, they also want it to embrace the future: to experiment, and to lead them into new technologies with content they can trust."

16TB hard drive heralds Ultra HD era

Samsung has unveiled a 16TB solid-state hard drive ideal for storing and editing Ultra HD content.

The new 2.5in drive could store tens of hours of uncompressed Ultra HD footage or hundreds of hours of compressed content, allowing high speed access for editing while being portable and low-power.

Apple's live TV plans go back in the box

Apple is unlikely to unveil a live TV service in the USA next month due to slow negotiations with rights holders and difficulty building a content delivery network for the OTT project.

A new Apple TV device is still likely to be launched at Apple's annual September event, but US TV networks are reported to be unhappy with the price offered for their shows, while Apple is not satisfied it can reliably deliver content across the USA.

Cisco wants a better next-gen codec

Cisco is plotting a new video codec to replace the complex patents around H.265 and HEVC required for Ultra HD and mobile video, which can cost up to 16 times the current H.264 standard.

The 'Thor' project will build a "high quality, next generation codec that can be used everywhere", but the new system could take years to arrive.

DTG Staff  |  18.08.2015

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