CEA defines HDR TVs, cold turkey good for BBC, and EU consults on cross-border copyright: DTG daily news August 28th 2015

CEA reveals HDR display spec

America's Consumer Electronics Association has announced a set of minimum standards for high dynamic range displays with enhanced brightness and shadow detail.

The HDR-Compatible Displays definition specifies signalling and metadata, support for the HDR10 Media Profile from IP, HDMI and other sources, and the application of an appropriate Electro-Optical Transfer Function before rendering the image.

BBC cold turkey brings licence fee acceptance

UK TV viewers opposed to the TV licence fee changed their opinions after nine days without access to BBC services, a study has found.

When 70 households across the UK went without BBC TV, radio and online services, most of those opposed to the fee reversed their opinion and said they missed the BBC more than anticipated.

LG prepares HDR 4k OLED TVs for IFA 2015

Next week's giant IFA consumer technology show in Berlin will see the first OLED screens from LG with support for high dynamic range video.

LG says OLED screen technology is 'an ideal match for HDR content because only OLED panels can deliver the absolute black which makes the bright colours of HDR look even more impressive. OLED TVs are able to render the required HDR light range at lower peak brightness, resulting in an exceptional and more comfortable viewing experience.'

EU consults on Satellite and Cable Directive

The EU is asking for views on changing the rules which define where and how satellite broadcasters and cable companies should clear copyright for cross-border transmission and reception.

Created more than 20 years ago, the Satellite and Cable Directive is being reviewed as part of the European Commission's plan for the Digital Single Market.

DTG Staff  |  28.08.2015

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