BBC opens up, NHK to demo 85in HDR 8k screen, Netflix preps 2016 HDR: DTG daily news September 7th 2015

Tony Hall proposes Open BBC

BBC director-general Tony Hall has unveiled iPlay, an iPlayer for children's content, as part of an Open BBC initiative to give other organisations access to the BBC's reach.

The BBC will also partner with institutions such as the Science Museum, open up the iPlayer to showcase content from others, and provide reporters to local newspapers, funded by the licence fee, to cover courts and council meetings.

IBC to see 85in HDR 8k display from NHK

The world's first 85in 8k Ultra HD display with High Dynamic Range (HDR) will be showcased by Japanese state broadcaster NHK at IBC2015 this week.

The 7680x4320-pixel LCD screen was developed with Sharp and BBC R&D, with a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and 12 bits of colour depth, as part of NHK's 'Super Hi-Vision' project.

Netflix to add HDR in 2016

High Dynamic Range films and TV shows will arrive on Netflix in early 2016, in a new above-HD 2k format and Ultra HD 4k.

Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said the HDR specification is being finalised with the UHD Alliance, but Netflix will also introduce a 2560 x 1440 '2.5k' resolution for viewers without the bandwidth to stream in 4k.

DTG Staff  |  07.09.2015

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