Smart watches become TV screens, Nagra pitches Hollywood-ready Ultra HD watermarking: DTG daily news September 9th 2015

Smart watches become TV screens

Smart watch owners in Portugal can now watch TV on their wrist, browse the TV guide and change channels on their big screen through an IPTV service from Vodafone.

Available initially on the Euro 199.90 Sony SmartWatch 3—with a 1.6in 320x320pixel screen—the service includes both live TV channels and on-demand films.

Nagra pitches Hollywood-ready Ultra HD watermarking

Nagra has launched a framework for implementing, controlling and updating watermarking technologies which it claims meets Hollywood studios' needs for enhanced content protection.

The anyMARK system is said to meet the requirements of MovieLabs, the research and development joint venture started by the six major motion picture studios to track, and shut down illegal redistribution of exclusive linear content.

DTG Staff  |  09.09.2015

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