TalkTalk trials cloud DVR recording, SES and Eutelsat join on video standards, EC consults on telecoms needs and rules: DTG daily news, September 13th 2015

TalkTalk develops cloud DVR with Alcatel-Lucent

TalkTalk is developing an Alcatel-Lucent cloud DVR recording and 'elastic' content delivery network, which will allow customers to store content online for use across multiple connected home devices, rather than a single home DVR.

The Elastic CDN will allow TalkTalk to allocate resources rapidly to manage user demand during sporting events and other surges, using virtualised machines which can be used for other tasks when demand is low.

SES and Eutelsat look forward to joint video standards

Global satellite giants SES and Eutelsat have announced an unusual joint project to develop and promote next-generation video technologies, standards and formats that will optimise both quality and network costs.

The Future Video Initiative will initially focus on the reception of satellite services on any screen and on converged broadcast-broadband technologies.

European Commission launches double consultation on telecoms rules

The European Commission is asking for views on two sets of telecoms rules as part of its journey to rewrite the rulebook for the Digital Single Market.

Covering topics from the need for fixed and mobile connections to use of spectrum, the consultations are on Europeans' broadband needs and a review of the current telecoms framework, with responses open until December 7th, 2015.

DTG Staff  |  13.09.2015

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