BBC tries HTML5, BARB counts online viewers, real motion in VR, and more: DTG daily news, October 1st 2015

BBC online begins Flash retreat

The BBC has launched a trial of iPlayer streaming delivered via HTML5 instead of its current player based on the Adobe Flash format.

The beta test of a desktop and Android HTML5 iPlayer follows a switch from Flash for iOS earlier this year, and accompanies a migration towards MPEG-DASH encoding which works across multiple platforms.

TiVo Bolt brings 4k and ad-skipping

US cable viewers can get an upgrade to 4k and avoid ads with the new TiVo Bolt box—which also lets viewers watch TV shows up to 30% faster with the audio on.

The Bolt's ad-skipping feature could cause controversy with broadcasters, as it lets users skip an entire break with a single button-push, although it's restricted to recorded episodes of selected shows on just 20 channels.

BARB adds online viewing 'gold standard'

The long-heralded BARB TV Player report has been published for the first time, adding device-level viewing figures for laptops, desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones.

The beta-version data is the first output from BARB's Project Dovetail, designed to capture increasingly fragmented audiences, and will grow to include more players and platforms.

Simulator adds real motion to VR

Researchers in Germany have created a flying platform which brings real motion to virtual reality experiences, to study how the brain perceives motion by combining different senses.

The CableRobot simulator at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics can pitch, roll, spin and fling its passenger at up to 1.5 Gs while they experience a VR environment.

Channel 4 lines up foreign-language VoD hub for 2016

January 2016 will see the launch of a streaming video service from Channel 4, dedicated to foreign-language drama.

Named Walter Presents after its curator and creative director, Walter Iuzzolino, the service will kick off with the German Cold War spy drama, Deutschland 83.

Image: BBC

DTG Staff  |  01.10.2015

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