Street View VR, Premium HDMI for UHD, TVPlayer Plus launch and Amazon on FindAnyFilm: DTG daily news, October 13th 2015

Google Street View becomes a VR tour

Google's Street View has been upgraded to virtual reality with an app for the Google Cardboard headset and upgrades to software sensing gyroscope and accelerometer inputs from users' phones.

The Street View videos for Cardboard are still flat, rather than stereoscopic 3D, but allow viewers to stroll along streets and look around in a more realistic fashion.

HDMI launches Premium Cable High Speed badge

The HDMI consortium has announced a certification programme for Premium cables which can carry reliable 18Gbps signals for Ultra HD and suffer less electromagnetic interference.

The cables come with new testing requirements designed around the HDMI 2.0 specification, have an optional Ethernet connection, and will feature a tamper-proof badge to prevent counterfeiting.

TVPlayer launches pay-TV Plus option

Over-the-top TV platform TVPlayer has added a low-cost subscription option with 25 channels including Discovery, TLC, British Eurosport, Cartoon Network, History, Lifetime, GOLD and Sony Movie channel.

The £4.99/month package can be watched on up to three internet-connected devices using PC, Mac or iOS, with Samsung Smart TVs and Android support in the pipeline.

Amazon signs up to FindAnyFilm

Legal online entertainment portal FindAnyFilm has signed Amazon Prime Video as its first subscription-based OTT video provider.

The site allows Amazon Prime subscribers to search and jump directly into films and TV shows they want to watch, as well as renting films through Amazon Instant Video.

Image: Google

DTG Staff  |  13.10.2015

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