Ofcom replaces ATVOD, millennials still like TV, and a 4k-ready Freeview Play box: DTG daily news, October 14th 2015

Ofcom takes ATVOD's work in-house

Video-on-demand regulator ATVOD is being closed down so that Ofcom can take its duties in-house to monitor services services like Channel 4’s All4 and Sky’s Now TV.

The Authority for Television On Demand has been in place since 2010, but Ofcom has now decided that it's more efficient to have one regulator for linear and on-demand content.

Millennials still watch linear TV

Millennials—or people roughly a generation younger than those running the TV industry and who hold its future in their hands—still watch a lot of TV on a traditional big screen, and most of it's live.

The Video Advertising Bureau's research reports that 80% of millennials say that their video time is spent with TV, although smartphone video consumption has risen by 16% over the past year.

Humax hints at 4k-ready Freeview Play box

The 2016 edition of Humax's Freeview Play recorder is likely to be ready for 4k and other Ultra HD features, thanks to a new generation of chipsets and the latest DTG D-Book standards.

Support for the HEVC encoding likely to be used in Ultra HD services is recommended by the DTG D-Book 8 specification.

DTG Staff  |  14.10.2015

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