Canon shoots 8k in the dark, MStar adds Dolby Vision HDR: DTG daily news, October 15th 2015

Canon reveals 8k night-vision camera

Canon has launched an 8k camera which can record 60 frames-per-second video in low light levels at the limits of human vision.

The ME20F-SH has is a 35mm full-frame sensor with 8192x4320-pixel resolution at light levels as low as 0.005 lux, which is incorporated into the Cinema EOS System 8k Camera.

MStar adds Dolby Vision to TV chipsets

Semiconductor manufacturer MStar will integrate the Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range into its system-on-a-chip for 4k Ultra HD TVs.

The Dolby Vision VS10 universal HDR playback solution supports both dual-layer and single-layer Dolby Vision streams and other HDR profiles based on the SMPTE ST 2084 standard.

Image: Canon

DTG Staff  |  15.10.2015

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