BBC DAB expands reach, Better sound for UHD, and iPlayer VPNs blocked: DTG daily news October 20th

BBC turns on more DAB

The BBC's national DAB transmitter network has been expanded by 16 sites this Summer to 335, covering more than 96 per cent of UK homes.

The BBC said it has switched on transmitters covering an extra 71,000 more homes around the UK for its five digital-only radio networks, and will achieve indoor coverage of 97 per cent of homes by the end of 2015.

ITU enhances sound standards for UHD

Telecoms world standards body the ITU has approved a new audio file format which will enable broadcasters to offer sound that is more realistic and adjustable alongside Ultra HD video.

The use of 'object-based' coding will allow viewers to adjust the level of three-dimensional immersive sound, and to customise features such as alternative languages or levels of dialogue, soundtrack and background noise.

BBC restricts overseas iPlayer access

The BBC has begun to crack down on commercial virtual private networks (VPNs) used to stream the iPlayer to overseas destinations in breach of its terms of use.

The blockade has also affected UK residents who habitually use a VPN for anonymity, but the BBC said it will try to ensure that it doesn't affect schools and businesses which use private VPNs for security.

DTG Staff  |  20.10.2015

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