YouTube pays on Red, Research refutes BBC competition fears, and 4k chillout arrives: DTG daily news October 22nd 2015

YouTube sees green with Red subscription service

YouTube will launch a subscription streaming service for ad-free video, music and gaming on October 28th for $10 a month, starting in the US before it rolls out globally.

Prominent YouTubers such as Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, Lilly Singh, and Joey Graceffa will make exclusive shows for the Red service, while YouTube will also launch a standalone music app before Christmas, with extra features for paying users.

BBC doesn't 'crowd out' competition

The often-floated accusation that the BBC crowds out its commercial competitors is refuted in new research conducted by KPMG for the BBC Trust.

The report found that the BBC's effect on local newspapers and commercial broadcasters is far less important than the growth of internet access and the explosion of multi-channel choice fragmenting commercial revenues.

Chill in 4k with Stingray Ambiance

Following in the well-trodden footsteps of the Landscape Channel, Stingray Ambiance is hoping to expand its laid-back Ultra HD concept into European packages.

The channel mixes rich, beautiful scenery from around the world with relaxing soundtracks, all in 4k Ultra HD, and has just gone on-air in the US on cable service Videotron.

DTG Staff  |  22.10.2015

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