Digital UK TV spectrum call, Vice comes to UK TV, Ofcom opens PMSE options, and Sony adds YouView: DTG daily news October 23rd 2015

Digital UK: Europe must safeguard broadcasting spectrum

Digital UK Chief Executive Jonathan Thompson has joined other senior representatives from the broadcasting sector across Europe in a call on the EU to protect the future of free-to-air TV.

Digital UK and fellow members of the Wider Spectrum Group urged policy makers to secure airwaves used by Freeview and European terrestrial services ahead of major international decisions on spectrum allocation at the World Radiocommunication Conference next month.

Vice to launch UK TV channel

Alternative news and factual content provider Vice will kick off a series of European TV channel launches in the UK next year, and is seeking a UK partner for the free-to-air channel.

The broadcaster has stockpiled more than 30 TV series for the launch, including travel show Gaycation with Ellen Page, Vice Portraits with Marc Maron, and Weediquette.

Ofcom seeks new spectrum for PMSE

Ofcom has opened a consultation on new spectrum for wireless audio in live TV and events to compensate for the losses when the 700MHz band is transferred to mobile use later this decade.

The consultation looks at a technical sharing analysis of the 960-1164 MHz and 1525-1559 MHz bands, and a proposal to allow access to spectrum in the 960-1164 MHz band, shared with aeronautical radio navigation.

Sony becomes YouView's first IDTV partner

Hybrid TV service YouView will bring BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Player and Demand 5 to all of Sony's 2015 Bravia TV models from November.

YouView will become an optional interface for the Android-based TVs, making Sony the first TV manufacturer to offer YouView on its products.

Image: Vice

DTG Staff  |  23.10.2015

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